Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You should provide your attorney, beneficiary, or custodian with information about the existence of your box (for an example letter, visit our Customer Resources page). However, knowledge of the existence of your box does not constitute permission to access it. USPV will require a court authorization letter to release the contents of your box to ANYONE other than the renter.

If you choose not to provide this information, USPV will open your box due to nonpayment of rent (after a six month grace period has elapsed). If you have provided contact information within your box (suggested), USPV will attempt to locate you. If no contact information is found, we will store the contents of your box in our private safe for three years. Thereafter, we are required to escheat (forward) the contents to the State of California.

Yes. Upon your request and after biometric verification of the primary customer (you), we are able to add iris scans for additional persons that will enable those individuals to access your box. Note that you will also need to provide them with one of your keys. You may also choose to revoke this access at any time. 
USPV accepts cash, credit cards, personal and company checks, and Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin for box rentals. 
If you lose your keys during your rental period, USPV will arrange a locksmith to re-key your box, in your presence, for a $200 fee. 
All boxes current on rental fees are insured for $5,000. Insurance is provided privately & confidentially with no disclosures of box owner or contents for $29 annual fee per year per box.

Additional coverage is available:
$20,000 ($96/year)
$50,000 ($168/year)
$100,000 ($288/year)
$250,000 ($700/year)
$500,000 ($1,400/year)
$500,000+ (ask USPV concierge for private quote)

Boxes insured by Axa Art (, rated “A” (Excellent) A.M. Best Financial Rating, S & P A+. For details, visit or ask a U.S. Private Vaults concierge. 

USPV gives its clients a three month grace period. Thereafter, a licensed and bonded locksmith will open your box. The contents will be stored in our private safe for three years at which time we are required to escheat (forward) the contents to the State of California. 
USPV employs numerous security measures to protect customer assets from potential employee dishonesty. Click HERE for details. 
U.S. Private Vaults strictly prohibits the storage of illegal drugs, weapons, ammunition, hazardous materials, illegal contraband and illegally obtained property or the products therefrom. To ensure compliance with these rules, USPV uses drug and hazardous material detection dogs as well as other detection methods.

If USPV discovers a violation of these rules, it has the right to notify the appropriate authorities.

Closure plans would be posted on the USPV web site at least six months in advance. If you have not collected the contents of your box prior to closing, a licensed and bonded locksmith would open the box. USPV would attempt to locate you using the contact information (suggested) placed in your box. If we were unable to do so, we would store the contents in a safe deposit box at a local bank in the name of our law firm for a minimum of one year.