Rental Prices

Box Size * Monthly Annual Annual Prepaid
(20% discount)
3×5 Box $33 $396 $316
5×5 Box $50 $600 $480
3×10 Box $58 $696 $557
5×10 Box $83 $996 $797
10×10 Box $141 $1,692 $1,354
* All boxes are 22 inches in length 
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There is a one-time $50 key replacement fee with each new box rental to re-key the box for the next renter. If you lose your keys during your rental period, USPV will arrange a locksmith to re-key your box, in your presence, for a $150 fee.

Payment Options:

  • USPV accepts cash, credit cards, personal or company checks and bitcoin for box rentals (no I.D. or S.S. # required).

Reserve your box now via our completely private online process to receive a discount code for 30% OFF ANY PREPAID ANNUAL RENTAL (no payment necessary at this time).

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