The PRIVATE Alternative To Bank Safe Deposit Boxes

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USPV rents safe deposit boxes like those found at banks but with two primary differences.

Complete Privacy

Since USPV is not a financial institution subject to federal bank regulations, the identities of our clients can remain totally private:

  • USPV does not require photo ID or a social security number as a condition to rent a safe deposit box.
  • Clients are identified through biometric (iris scan and hand geometry) technology.
  • Since USPV does not know the names of its clients, it is unable to comply with requests for information from anyone.

Enhanced Security

Client's assets are protected with security measures not found at banks:

  • Our structural steel, reinforced concrete vault (built by American Vault Corp.), was designed to withstand natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes as well as assaults that could occur in the event of civil unrest.
  • Access to the vault requires biometric (iris scan/hand geometry) identification.
  • ADT monitors the vault 24 hours a day via video "guard tours" from its central station.
  • The vault is equipped with motion detectors, heat sensors, and other sophisticated security measures to detect the presence of intruders after regular business hours.
  • In the event of any perceived threat, ADT shall alert the Beverly Hills Police department (less than five minutes away) as well as their private armed response team.
  • Our security system features multiple layers of redundancy.
  • The vault is sealed and cannot be opened except during prescribed business hours.

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