Beverly Hills Private Safe Deposit Co Provides Solution To Banking Choke Points Dilemma

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The federal government and banks are often shutting down access to banking services for legally run companies in the cannabis sale and firearms industries. Where to safely store cash and valuables becomes a big concern for these businesses that are fully compliant with state laws – but are locked out of the banking system.

Read up on this House Report: “Choke Point” Targets Legal Businesses for Asphyxiation for more information.

U.S. Private Vaults: provides safe, secure, and 100% private access to private safe deposit boxes for storage of cash and valuables.

U.S. Private Vaults (USPV) describes itself as “THE PRIVATE ALTERNATIVE TO BANK SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES”. USPV allows its customers easy, fast access to their safe deposit boxes. Unlike banks which are regulated by the federal government, USPV offers its customers the ability to rent a safe deposit box without providing their name or social security number.

See the video link for more information on U.S. Private Vaults (USPV) and its services.

USPV is currently conducting free public tours of its high security vault, and is renting safe deposit boxes daily. Box Rental prices begin at $33 per month. For further information about U.S. Private Vaults, go to or call 1-888-948-8778.

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