How Safe Are Your Valuables?

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Not all vaults are the same. Before placing your valuables in a bank or private vault, it is wise to thoroughly investigate the security measures employed to ensure that your valuables are really secure. The following are important questions to ask:

Does the bank or private facility have a real vault or merely some form of ballistic protected material over drywall?

At USPV, our vault was built by American Vault Company of Waco,Texas. It weighs 80,000 lbs., has a 4,000 lb. door and is rated Class1 by Underwriters Laboratories.

How is my safe deposit box protected against a possible armed robbery?

During business hours at USPV, an ADT guard controls access from the protection of a ballistic protected booth. No one is able to gain access to the vault unless their identity is verified through biometric match. Even heavily armed intruders would be unable to reach the guard. At the first sign of trouble the guard will notify the Beverly Hills Police Department (located 1.6 miles away) and ADT’s armed response team.

How is my safe deposit box protected against burglary?

At the close of the business day, USPV’s vault is secured using time locks. It cannot be opened until a predetermined time the following day. The vault (as well as USPV’s offices) is equipped with numerous high definition cameras that are monitored by ADT 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any increase in temperature or motion within the vault will trigger an alarm to ADT. Further, ADT performs random video “guard tours” after business hour to insure that security measures have not been compromised.

It should be noted that banks do not allow cameras within their vaults.

How is my safe deposit box protected against potential employee dishonesty?

ADT is responsible for monitoring USPV employees. Both the ADT guard and a USPV employee are required to open and close the vault. The opening and closing are visually monitored at ADT’s off-site central monitoring station. ADT has been instructed to report any suspicious activity by USPV personnel to the Beverly Hills Police department. When  USPV employees are in the vault for any reason, they are constantly monitored by the ADT guard.

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