Some Ways USPV Prevents Employee Dishonesty

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The security of customer’s assets is our number one concern at U.S. Private Vaults.

USPV employs numerous security measures and procedures to protect customer assets from threats, both external as well as internal. Here are a few:

  • All USPV employees and officers as well as the ADT security guards must pass criminal background checks.
  • The vault has time locks which make it impossible to open except at a predetermined time each morning. Conversely, the vault must be closed at a specific time each day.
  • Our on-site ADT security guards monitor all activities within the vault. Any suspicious activities are immediately reported to the ADT central monitoring station and the Beverly Hills Police Department.
  • ADT performs random “video guard tours” 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Neither USPV personnel nor the ADT security guards know when the vault is being remotely monitored. Casinos have found that this “eye in the sky” random monitoring procedure is a very effective way to discourage employee dishonesty.

For obvious reasons, USPV does not publicly disclose all security measures employed to protect client assets.

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