How Safe Are Your Valuables?

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Not all vaults are the same. Before placing your valuables in a bank or private vault, it is wise to thoroughly investigate the security measures employed to ensure that your valuables are really secure. The following are important questions to ask: Does the bank or private facility have a real vault or merely some form of ballistic protected material over …

Yet Another Reason To Use USPV – A Home Safe With $10MM Stolen In LA

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From AP – a home safe in LA with $10 Million in it was stolen.  Police say the burglars took the safe from a walk-in closet, and used a rug to move it down some stairs and out the front door. Police officers responding to a security alarm discovered the burglary. Doesn’t that make you want a USPV box?!!

The Construction is Almost Finished!

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The construction of our flagship location is almost complete.  The structural steel vault from American Vault is complete, and the finishing touches on the offices and security system are going in now. We are still on target for an opening in the next few weeks. Sign up on our website for an appointment starting after the 15th…

Some Ways USPV Prevents Employee Dishonesty

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The security of customer’s assets is our number one concern at U.S. Private Vaults. USPV employs numerous security measures and procedures to protect customer assets from threats, both external as well as internal. Here are a few: All USPV employees and officers as well as the ADT security guards must pass criminal background checks. The vault has time locks which …