Yet Another Reason To Use USPV – A Home Safe With $10MM Stolen In LA

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From AP – a home safe in LA with $10 Million in it was stolen.  Police say the burglars took the safe from a walk-in closet, and used a rug to move it down some stairs and out the front door. Police officers responding to a security alarm discovered the burglary. Doesn’t that make you want a USPV box?!!

Four Reasons To Store Your Gold At USPV

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Reason #1 – PRIVACY: Banks require clients to provide their social security number and a photo identification as a condition for renting a safe deposit box. Your information is then filed in the bank’s central data system. This information can be easily accessed by government agencies (such as the IRS) or attorneys armed with court orders. If no one is …

Interesting Reading… Sites We Love

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One of the main reasons that we started USPV is because we could see ourselves using this service.  We are all quite concerned about the direction of the country and follow closely subjects like the financial crisis, privacy, and asset protection.  We all have some favorite authors and commentary, and I thought I would share them here: John Mauldin: …