USPV utilizes two forms of biometric security to ensure your identity and privacy:

Iris Scan

Iris Scanner
All USPV customers gain access to the vault by their individual iris scan.

  • Extraordinarily accurate due to the uniqueness of irises.
  • Safely identifies your iris using a specialized camera (not a laser) which mathematically encodes the iris information.

Hand Geometry Recognition

Hand Geometry Scanner
USPV uses the hand geometry scan as a backup in case of severe damage or loss of eyes, as well as to identify the owner of a box (as opposed to additional persons the owner has granted access to their box).

  • The hand reader reads the shape of the hand, not the fingerprints or palmprints.
  • Your data is encrypted in a way that it may only be used to verify access to your box, not identify you.
  • It scans with an invisible light of the type used in TV remote controls.

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