U.S. Private Vaults Enters Its Third Year

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Los Angeles Based U.S. Private Vaults, Inc Celebrates Second Anniversary

U.S. Private Vaults enters its third year as banks withdraw from the safe deposit box rental business.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 24, 2014


US Private Vaults, Inc. is entering its third year providing a secure and private alternative to bank safe deposit box rentals. New bank locations are downsizing to feature easy access to ATM machines with expansive parking spots and a minimal staff to handle more complicated transactions. This trend towards minimalist bank locations means that certain higher cost and lower margin services, like safe deposit boxes, are not offered in these new locations.

Bank customers still demand the ability to store their valuables in a secure bank vault, even though banks are increasingly not offering this service. This creates an opportunity for private safe deposit box rental companies throughout the United States. USPV has been renting safe deposit boxes of all sizes since 2012 – with rentals of larger boxes most in demand. “Banks just don’t have large safe deposit boxes available like we do – and they are renting out fast,” says Kent Martin, USPV’s C.E.O.

U.S. Private Vaults describes itself as “the private alternative to bank safe deposit box rentals.” USPV allows its customers easy, fast access to their secure safe deposit boxes in “under 3 minutes door to door” says Martin. “Accessing a safe deposit box at a bank is a huge hassle. Customers have to park in a garage, ride an elevator, stand in line and hope that a bank employee has time to personally escort you into the vault and use their master key to allow your key to work. At USPV the customer has the only keys in the world to their own private box. Parking is directly out front of our convenient Beverly Hills location, and customers are identified solely by biometric iris scan at the entrance to the vault door. You access the vault in private with no need for a vault employee, using your own key. Privacy rooms are available. We see customers in and out in under 2-3 minutes daily,” says Martin. “Customers can see photos and videos of our facilities right on our website, so they are comfortable with us before they come in.”

Unlike banks which are regulated by the federal government, USPV offers its customers the ability to rent a safe deposit box without providing their name or social security number. “Security and complete customer privacy are our two primary concerns,” says Martin.

USPV uses sophisticated dual biometric security to identify its customers, and the hi-tech 50 Ton steel vault is protected 24/7 by national security firm ADT/Tyco, utilizing a secure guard room, hi-definition cameras and numerous other sophisticated security systems.

“Most people don’t realize that their bank is legally required to divulge client safe deposit box information if presented with a court order. This includes IRS tax liens, lawsuits, or even a spouse who is suing for divorce. Once this occurs, access to their personal valuables in their bank individual safe deposit box is frozen. That does not happen at USPV,” says Martin.

USPV conducts free tours of its high security vault and rents safe deposit boxes daily. Box rental prices begin at $33 per month. For further information about U.S. Private Vaults, visit USPrivateVaults.com or call 1-888-948-8778.

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