Why USPV Uses Biometrics To Identify Its Clients

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Complete privacy and an enhanced level of security is what differentiates USPV from a bank. We are different than most businesses in that we don’t want to know anything about our customers.  Nothing personal, but we don’t want to know you name!  How many other businesses pride themselves on not knowing or wanting to know who their clients are? It’s for your protection.

We have chosen to use biometric identification instead of  names, photo IDs, and social security numbers to provide clients with the highest level of privacy possible in the U.S. The only record that identifies you as a USPV customer is your encrypted biometric scan.  Since we are not a financial institution, we are not required to report information about safe deposit box rentals to anyone. Even if a government official were to ask us if “Joe Smith” rents a box at USPV, we can’t possibly answer the question, as we simply do not know the names of our customers.

Because we don’t know our customers names, your biometric identification data is our most mission critical data.  We must be absolutely certain that we link the right biometric scan to the right box.  To accomplish this, we use two separate forms of biometric identification – Iris Scanning and Palm Geometry Scanning.  Why scan both your iris and your palm?  The iris scan is our primary method to access the vault. We use the Palm Geometry Scanner to provide backup identification in the extremely unlikely event that something happens to a customers eyes. Changes in the eye, like cataracts or physical damage, could affect the accuracy of the iris scan. The second backup scan virtually eliminates any possibility that a customer could be denied access to their box.

Our mission is to provide customers with the most secure and confidential vault in which to store their valuable possessions, and we take this mission very seriously.

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